Harbour-Link Lines opens newest branch

Harbour-Link Lines opens newest branch

By In News Archive On February 8, 2011

HARBOUR-Link Lines (B) Sdn Bhd opened their latest branch yesterday at Madang Complex, Berakas on February 5, 2011 with an opening ceremony and a lion dance in conjunction with the third day of the new lunar year.

The sound of drums and cymbals rumbled and clashed in the background as eyes were fixed upon the lions moving in a trance-like dance in a display to scare away the evil spirits to bring in good luck.

This was the scene during the launching of the new branch of Harbour-Link Lines (B) Sdn Bhd at Madang Complex, Berakas.


Members of the public witnessed the ceremony as the Managing Director of Harbour-Link Lines May Lim who was also present, received “blessings” from the lion dance in hopes of a good and prosperous future of the shop.

The lion dance is a form of traditional dance in Chinese culture, in which performers mimic a lion’s movements in a lion costume.

It is normally performed during the Chinese New Year and as a ceremony to scare away evil spirits and to summon luck and fortune

Harbour-Link Lines Brunei is a subsidiary of Harbour Link Group Bhd which was formed in 2006 and specialises in the shipping and logistics industry.

With the opening of the new branch in Berakas, the company wishes to provide more convenience to its loyal customers.


The Brunei Times
News link at: http://www.bt.com.bn/happenings/2011/02/08/harbour-link-lines-opens-newest-branch

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