Our Policy

To meet the challenges of an ever-changing economic environment, Harbour- Link Group continually seeks improvement in its way of doing business. Harbour-Link Group strives to meet the challenges of the New Millennium by re-engineering change in its corporate image and through the development of a management system that allows us to accomplish our commitment of bringing our service quality to new heights.

Quality Policy

We recognize that our successes are very much dependent on our customer ‘s satisfaction. Therefore, we are committed to fulfill our customer needs and to aim to exceed their expectation. We would continually improve our performance in providing the best of services by applying the following principles:

To comply with applicable government regulations and other non-regulatory requirements including that of our customers and ISO 9001.

To continually monitor and improve our performance in providing services to our customers and the effectiveness of our quality management system.

To define quality objectives and, whenever possible, quantify targets to reduce customer dissatisfaction and to increase our productivity.

To conduct periodical review and evaluation of this quality policy and quality objectives, to ensure it’s continuing relevance and suitability.

ISO Certificate 2008-2017

Safety, Health And Environmental Policy

Harbour Group of Companies is committed in providing a safe and healthy working environment for its employees and contractors. To achieve this, we must ensure that our operation is designed and implemented within the acceptable risk factors. We wold continually improve our HSE performance by applying the following principles:

  1. To comply with applicable laws and regulations;
  2. Provide adequate training to personnel and other resources necessary to increase health, safety and environmental awareness among employees and contractors;
  3. To evaluate HSE performance and to review the objectives for continuous improvement of our operation;
  4. To maintain emergency preparedness and response capacity in all levels of the operation in order to reduce the risk of loss of life and damage to property and the environment.

This Safety, Health and Environment Policy is to be communicated and made available to all employees and contractors.

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